Tax Law: Gross Business Income According To The Income Tax Act 1967

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Tax laws play a crucial role in ensuring the fairness and effectiveness of a country’s taxation system. In Malaysia, the Income Tax Act 1967 regulates business gross income, determines how this income is taxed, and helps companies understand their tax responsibilities.


  1. Comprehend the definition and components of business gross income according to the Income Tax Act 1967, and how it is taxed.
  2. Identify business income derived from Malaysia as stated in Section 12, and how it affects business tax responsibilities.
  3. Delve into gross income related to a source and understand their implications in business tax calculations.


  1. Help businesses ensure compliance with tax laws, avoiding penalties and issues with tax authorities.
  2. Provide knowledge for better tax planning, helping companies maximize profits by minimizing tax liabilities legally.
  3. Assist in business financial management with a clear understanding of gross income and tax responsibilities, enhancing transparency and more effective financial planning.