Tax Law: Industrial Building Allowance

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Industrial Building Allowance (IBA) is a tax relief scheme provided under the tax laws of many jurisdictions, designed to encourage investment in industrial infrastructure. This allowance grants tax deductions on the capital expenditure incurred for constructing or renovating industrial buildings used for qualifying productive activities.


  1. Clarify the criteria and conditions that industrial buildings must meet to qualify for IBA, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  2. Explore strategies to optimize the utilization of IBA to minimize tax liabilities and Provide insights into the documentation and reporting requirements necessary to claim IBA, ensuring businesses adhere to tax laws and regulations.


  1. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of IBA regulations, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations related to industrial building allowances.
  2. By effectively applying the principles learned in the course, businesses can capitalize on available allowances to reduce tax burdens, leading to significant cost savings.
  3. Armed with knowledge about IBA, participants can make informed decisions regarding investments in industrial properties, enhancing their strategic advantage in the marketplace and fostering business growth.