Tax Law: Gross Business Income According To Case Law Principles (Part 3)

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Part 3 of this Tax Law series continues the discussion on gross business income according to legal principles. This section focuses on aspects of the law related to hidden economy and activities that violate tax laws.


  1. Examine the concept of the hidden economy and identify activities that fall within it in the context of tax laws.
  2. Understand the types of activities that violate tax laws and the legal implications involved.
  3. Apply legal principles to assess and address situations involving unacknowledged business income legitimately.


  1. Ensure compliance with tax laws and reduce the risk of penalties and litigation by understanding the limitations and legal requirements.
  2. Protect business interests from hidden economic activities and practices that violate the law, which could harm the overall business.
  3. Assist businesses in avoiding losses due to unauthorized compensation or payments by understanding the procedures and laws related to business transactions.