Tax law: Forest Allowance & Agricultural Allowance

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Under tax law, provisions are made for specific allowances to incentivize and support certain sectors, such as forestry and agriculture. These allowances serve as incentives aimed at promoting sustainable practices in forestry and agriculture while providing relief under tax laws.


  1. To equip participants with an in-depth comprehension of the forest allowance and agricultural allowance provisions under tax law.
  2. To enable participants to apply the knowledge gained in assessing, advising, and optimizing tax implications for forest and agricultural activities.
  3. To empower participants with the skills to strategically plan forest and agricultural activities within the context of tax regulations.


  1. Gain insights into the intricacies of forest and agricultural allowances, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance with tax laws.
  2. Identify opportunities for optimizing tax deductions, leading to reduced tax liabilities and enhanced financial outcomes for forestry and agricultural ventures.
  3. Contribute to environmental conservation efforts while simultaneously benefiting from tax relief, aligning financial objectives with environmental stewardship.