Tax Governance: Tax Management Control and Activity Control Framework

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Effective tax governance is crucial for organizations to ensure compliance with tax laws, optimize tax liabilities, and manage risks associated with tax activities. The module aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the structures, processes, and controls necessary for effective tax governance within an organization.


  1. Equip participants with knowledge about the essential components of a robust tax management control framework.
  2. Develop participants’ ability to implement and maintain internal control procedures for accounting transactions and tax reporting processes.
  3. Assist organizations in the preparation and submission of tax incentive applications and manage subsequent approvals or rejections effectively.


  1. Participants will learn how to ensure that their organization consistently meets tax return submission deadlines and maintains exemplary compliance records.
  2. Organizations will benefit from enhanced internal control procedures and standardized operating procedures that streamline tax-related activities.
  3. By understanding and implementing a comprehensive tax management control framework, organizations can better manage risks associated with tax transactions and related party dealings.